Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 29 - Monday

I'll pretend it isn't cheating if I post this during the prep period at the school.

Today I was going to film my class for my Inclusion lesson. So I set up a camera at the back and worked on my stuff for a large part of the day.

Channel One really throws me off my game, I'm not sure how much respect to show it. It didn't start anywhere near on time today, and I really should have just gone on with my presentation in my first section. As it was, the presentation went well but I just didn't have the time necessary to get through. Not that I made it through in any of the other classes, but in the other two I got through to the last part of the last example problem. The actual process of the classes went pretty well, Mr. CT even came in and told me I did well from what he could hear from behind the door.

A problem has cropped up, though. There's a group of boys, Maurice, Rick, Herman and Shane, in the back of third period that will talk more than not. Usually they don't bother others too much so I have tried to control it by asking questions back there semi-frequently. However, today was worse than usual. I'm torn on whether to talk to the whole group or just Shane, since Shane puts the most effort into engaging in outside conversation and he does extraordinarily well in the class, leading me to believe he's acting out of boredom. I'm pretty sure the other kids around him are drawn in by what he does, so I think I can get the problem cut down significantly if he's on board. The question is how to go about it. Wish me luck

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