Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 9 - Friday, January 28

This day was a review day and quiz day in Chem 1, since there wasn’t too much for me to do with that, Mr. CT and I agreed that he would take the classes to give me time to write some presentations for us to use next week. I didn’t even really see the AP Chem class. Some students came in during Advisory to ask for help, and I gave it.

For the rest of the day, the only thing I can say is that writing new stuff is hard, I spent all day and I don’t think my sample problems are all that good.

There was a lot of confusion expressed in the review sessions, it makes me a little worried about our classes.

I held off on making the homework until after the presentation faced the slings and arrows of my fellow collaborators. The presentations were essentially about how gas law problems can get difficult, computationally, so I thought of the most complicated gas law problems I could, with the idea that the team could cut out the stuff that was too much to throw at the kids. This is what ended up happening at the collaboration, things got cut and simplified. Ms. Bio has a way of going on like she’s trying to convince you of something even after you’ve agreed with her. She was using this technique to try to keep from bruising my ego when making changes to the presentation, even though I was upfront with my desire for them to tear it apart so that I can learn what I can. All things considered, little of substance was changed, just some streamlining and focus on a few specific kinds of problems.

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